Sunday, July 31, 2011


I love pedicures. Even if I can't get out to get one or, more frequently can't afford one, my toe nails are always painted. On days when my last shower was so long ago I forgot which day it was, and I realize I am not wearing a proper bra more than I am wearing one, to look out at the pretty color on my toes is a teensy weensy pick-me-up. Reminds me that even though what I see in the mirror while washing my "capable" hands for the umpteenth time since waking up is a tired soul still wearing "house clothes" that are covered in things I don't even know, I am still a woman, and I am still in touch with my femininity. My sister/bff is a cosmetologist and she has ins with the local "liscensed-only" beauty supply store. Which means I do too. Shhhh....she buys me OPI nail polish at a discount! Here is my latest shade obsession and it is gorgeous on my toes in the mid to late summer weeks. How can you not adore a polish that is called "Come to Poppy":

Oh how I love this polish. It makes me smile. It makes me want to watch chick flicks. It makes me want to go shopping. It makes me want to shower, put a bra and some actual "non-comfy" clothes on... heck it might even make me feel like wearing a dress...and some beautiful open-toe shoes. Shoes....oh how I love pretty shoes! But that's for another time....

Til then find something that makes you feel just a little bit feminine and fabulous,

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