Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Fresh New Hair-Do!

My wrestle with the hair on my head has been for my whole life. I was not blessed with "good" hair, but I am thankful for every piece that is on my head, because I know 1) it could be SO much worse and 2) some women don't have any or they lose theirs. So,that being said now that I FINALLY got my hair grown out nice and long, I have decided to get...a PERM. Here is a photo of my hair. This is what I have been trying to work with for the past few years...

So I decided that in order to get all my hairs more uniform, thus (hopefully) giving me more to work with in a wash-and-go desired effect, a perm was the only logical answer! I have the BEST stylist who is not only a talented hair artist, but also my sister and my best friend! AND she came right to my very own bathroom to do it for me! WIN WIN WIN! Here are some of the hilarious photos of our time pulling this off...

I had to wait 48-PAINFULL hours (only because I wanted so badly to wash and condition and style it myself for the first time.) to see what the REAL results were, and I am SO pleased! I have SO much more I can do with my hair now, it is easier to make look pulled together and polished, and it is very easy to style so hopefully my ever-present ponytail or ballerina bun are a thing of my past! I think we can all agree that this is a grand improvement!

I have already had so many comments on how people didn't realize how LONG my hair is! Yes, that is because it was always pulled up and back! My hairs are happy to be free and flowy now and this is MUCH more in line with my own personal style. My hair SHALL stay curly!

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